why Chakras tattoos are connected with religion

Chakra tattoos are wheel tattoos. Chakras tattoos are connected with religion and meditation. They are part of old Indian culture. According to Indian thoughts there are seven major chakras situated in our body.

chakra tattoos


These chakras are connected with other small chakras. The major chakras are situated in the centre of body, on spinal cord. Chakras are basically the power centres. Chakra tattoos are related with mandala tattoos. my favorite tattoo website name  http://www.tattoosbasket.com/ .

There is major theory behind the chakras. According to it if you give enough focus upon these energy and chakra, you can heal the body. These chakras are connected with mind. The nervous system is the centre of these chakras.

Theses chakras are presented by different colour and design. Chakras are basically part of meditation. They have their own mantra and element. In chakra tattoos the colour and design are important.

chakra tattoos

Chakras have long history of meditation. In ancient period scholar with the knowledge of chakras has enhanced their sense and power. Every chakra target one particular sense and when you learn to control that sense you can learn to heal it.

These high valuable features of chakra tattoos have attract many peoples. Most of the people get simple chakra tattoos. The centre of back is the most famous place for chakra tattoo designs. The water colour ink is used to provide the colour to these chakra tattoos. Chakra tattoo are also part of geometrical tattoos.

The seven chakras are crown chakra, solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, spleen chakra and root chakra.

The root chakra is situated on the base of spine. Spleen chakra is own the lower abdomen. Solar Chakra is placed on upper abdomen. Heart Chakra is in the centre of chest. Throat chakra is present on the throat. Third Eye chakra is situated between the eyebrows. Crown Chakra is in centre of head.

They are presented by Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and violet colour respectively. The chakra tattoos with its unique looks attract the people. This is new concept for modern generation which attracts them. The chakra tattoos has many different part in creation.

They have their own particular floral design. They have particular Sanskrit work related with them. Every chakra presents different energy. The simple chakra tattoos are also famous. All the chakras in the form of circle are famous chakra tattoo. Get your favourite chakra in the centre while other six chakras surround it.

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