How to Stop Hearing Loss with Range Ear Protection

The designing and manufacturing parameters of the range ear protection devices are supposed to be in conformance with the ANSI S-3.19 and CE-EN-352.1 standards. These parameters are subject to various types of tests in the laboratory and real time environmental conditions. The variation between the two conditions is introduced into the measurement of Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). According to the ANSI standards it is evaluated into a constant value of 7. Apart from the NRR value, the other measuring parameter is supposed to be the Rear Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT). Together they determine the quality of the range ear protection devices.

range ear protection

Selection of Range Ear Protection Devices

You need to go online and search for the technical features of range ear protection devices. Focus on the strength of materials, design standards, manufacturing processes and assembly methods. This is more like following the process flow diagram, starting from the designing stage till the assembly stage. Compare the specification sheets provided by more than one manufacturer and designer. Then you will be able to evaluate them based on some of the basic parameters mentioned here.

  • Density of the materials used in the ear protection cups is measured in micrograms per square centimeter. Higher the density, stronger the material will be. But this can contribute to increase in the product weight. Hence you need to search for ear cups which use optimum density of materials. Makes sure the net device weight doesn’t exceed 9.X ounces.
  • Attenuation levels of the device need to be at 98% of the efficiency over extended period of exposure to noise. Go through the specification sheets in which the device is tested by exposing to frequencies from 64HZ to 8000HZ.
  • Exposure to impulsive noise emanati9ng from the muzzle blast of gunshot is to be measured. The recommended intensity of testing would be above 164DB. If the range ear protection device is able to withstand such shock waves and pressure, you can consider it as a safe bet for selection.
  • Total noise level generated in the shooting range minus the noise reduction rating value of the device gives you the net exposure noise. This has to be reduced by 7 (NRR constant for external environment) to give you the actual noise exposure value.
  • The noise from muzzle blasts entering through the rear ear are transmitted through the bone located in that region. This can have direct effects on the working condition of Cochlea, the most sensitive inner part of the ear. Devices with higher values of REAT can effectively seal the bone exposure areas and prevent the transmission of muzzle blast waves through this region.

Comfort Levels of Range Ear Protection Devices

Many of the ear muffs are said to be hard to wear over extended period under hot and humid conditions. This could be due to the lack of sweat absorbing nature and excessive tightness around the head and ear regions. Hence you need to search for Range Ear Protection Devices which can provide maximum comfort in unfriendly conditions. You can start your product evaluation with ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs, which is recommended by many shooting experts.

Best Cheap Usb Dac – Overview

Best Cheap Usb Dac at a Glance

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Best Cheap Usb Dac Features

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